Photo Feature

Karate kid keeps kicking

In late June, Sam Chapman of Stonington participated in the American Taekwondo Association’s World Championship in Little Rock, Ark. Competing against some of the best in his age group from around the world, Chapman—who has only been studying karate since September of 2011—took two gold medals, one silver and one bronze in the four events at the world competition. Chapman took gold in weapons (nunchuks) and combat weapons sparring, silver in sparring and bronze in traditional form. Chris Chapman, Sam Chapman’s father, said Sam is well on his way toward black belt. “He’s more excited than ever,” said Chapman of his son’s dedication to the sport. “He keeps getting more professional about it.” Sam also qualified as Maine State Champion in all three categories of form, weapons and sparring. Post-world championship, Chapman, above, at right, competes in a regional tournament in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Photo courtesy Chris Chapman