Photo Feature

Celebrating Scotland, haggis and poetry

“Robert Burns Night” or “Burns supper” is a celebration of Scottish culture and history. The suppers are typically held by people all around the world on January 25, the birthday of the 18th-century Scottish poet. The celebrations feature Burns’ poetry, bagpipes and a traditional Scottish dish known as haggis (which involves the organ meats of a sheep minced with onions, oatmeal, spices, salt and suet encased in the sheep’s stomach and simmered for hours). Approximately 30 people attended a Burns supper at Pearson Legacy Gallery in Deer Isle on Friday, January 25. Gallery owner Carolyn Hecker said the event, open to all, went well. Traditional Scottish food and beverage, as well as a bit of song, helped make the evening a success. George Eaton, a Scot who moved to Stonington, the hometown of his wife, Hannah Barrows, served as the host of the event. Here, bagpiper Ernie Smith of Bucksport “pipes in” the haggis, carried by the dinner host George Eaton. To the left is Charlotte Davis and Gerald Wheeler.

Photo by Darwin Davidson