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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 7, 2012
Clammer access preserved in Sunshine

At Plumb Point’s clammer access site

At Plumb Point’s clammer access site, from left, Mike Little, IHT Executive Director; Roger Bergen, chairman of IHT Board of Trustees; Rena Day and Penny Plumb.

Photo courtesy of Island Heritage Trust

On May 15, Rena Day and Penny Plumb turned over a family-owned clammer access parcel on Plumb Point to Island Heritage Trust. Their mother, Janice Plumb, had reserved this traditional access way when she sold off her land on Plumb Point in Sunshine.

According to a press release from IHT, “Rena, Penny and their brother Frank have carried on their mother’s wishes that this remain an access to the shore for commercial shellfish harvesters. In order to preserve this beyond their lifetimes, the siblings decided to deed the right-of-way to Island Heritage Trust.”

The trust, as part of its efforts to help preserve traditional island life, is working on protecting access to the island’s natural resources, both for recreation and for those who make a living from the shore.