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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, November 15, 2012
Island Country Club vandalized
Someone drives truck on new fairway

by Jessica Brophy

Sometime during the evening or overnight hours of Friday, November 9, an unknown person drove what was likely a pickup truck up the Island Country Club’s driveway and onto the greens, according to clubhouse manager Karen Galella.

“They drove across the putting green, onto the fifth hole fairway, over the forward tee box and did donuts,” said Galella.

Galella doesn’t have an estimate of how much money the repairs to the greens might cost, but said the repairs will likely last into the spring, as the growing season has passed.

Galella said she did have a Hancock County sheriff come down and document the tread marks and open an investigation. She said the country club would prosecute if given the opportunity.

One of the other repercussions, said Galella, is that the club will now have to put the chain up at the bottom of the driveway, blocking drive-in access for those who may like to use the club off-season. Anyone who wants to use the club will need to park and walk in.

“Restricting access to the club isn’t what we’re about,” said Galella. She said the club is aware that many people use the grounds during the off-season, for snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding and even snowmobiling.

“And in general, people are very respectful and careful when they use this property. We don’t condone those uses, but we don’t ban them,” she said. “Things like this make us step back and reevaluate that.”

The club completed extensive, multi-year renovations to the course earlier in 2012.

Anyone with information about the incident can email Karen Gallela at />