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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, December 5, 2013
Planning board approves renovation and new structure in Sunshine

by Jessica Brophy

At the October 24 meeting of the Deer Isle Planning Board, an application from Bruce Elfstrom to build an addition to an existing structure and to build a separate sleep house was withdrawn due to a lack of information requested by the board.

At the November 21 meeting of the planning board, a representative from Eric Chase Architecture resubmitted the application. The property is on Deep Hole Lane in Sunshine, Tax Map 6, Lot 53. The project includes renovating the current four-bedroom home into a living space without bedrooms, including a 20’5” x 21’ one-story addition for kitchen remodel and expansion. A 38’x 34’ two-story sleep house will also be built, for three bedrooms.

The goal, explained the representative, was to eliminate the current basement bedrooms. Since the lot is not large enough for two residences, and the town defines a residence as a structure with a bedroom and bathroom, the original structure will be living space with a bathroom, but no bedrooms. There will be a bathroom in the sleep house.

The board discussed at length whether the structure is in the flood plain. Part of the property is, but there were not marks on the maps provided to the board indicating the line of where the flood plain extends. That would determine whether the addition to the original structure could be built.

The board approved the permit unanimously, with three conditions: that a plumbing permit be procured and given to Code Enforcement Officer Hubert Billings; that the owners confirm that any construction does not occur in the flood plain or require a FEMA permit; and that the soil erosion control certificate is given to Billings as well.

At the October meeting, the town of Deer Isle requested a permit to fill in an existing foundation and reclaim/reseed an area of the Bridge End property, located on Little Deer Isle, Tax Map 35, Lot 25-1. Selectman Lewis Ellis said the town will put the project out to bid. The board unanimously approved the project.

The public is invited, as it is every year, to the December 19 meeting of the Deer Isle Planning Board to share with the board any thoughts for changes to the shoreland zone ordinance.

Planning board chairman Jeremy Stewart said that, in 16 years, only one person has ever come to the last meeting of the year to offer a suggestion. “But we extend the invitation,” he said.

The planning board’s next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 19, at 7 p.m. at the Deer Isle Town Hall.