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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, January 3, 2013
Deer Isle planning board tables applications pending information

by Jessica Brophy

At its monthly meeting on Thursday, December 20, the Deer Isle Planning board tabled two applications pending further information.

The first was an application from Constance Simo and Robert Rosenblum to build a 12’ by 12’ by 8’ dormer on an existing garage at their property at 45 Touchstone Lane off North Deer Isle Road, map 11, lot 8.

The original permit for the garage remodel was approved in June, according to planning board chairman Jeremy Stewart. The new application requested to fill in between existing dormers on the garage.

The board discussed the remodel and said there were no problems with the remodel, but the board could not approve the change because the plumbing permit stated the garage was permitted for one bedroom. The planning board approved the original remodel, which includes a bathroom, but no bedroom or residential permit. Stewart said there could be no confusion on that point. The board tabled the application pending clarification on the point.

The second application was for a building and flood plain permit application from Ned and Mel Kendrick to relocate an existing 42’ by 36’ by 27’ seasonal residence with a deck located at 263 Dunham Point Road on map 2, lot 24. Currently, the structure is within the 75-foot line from the shore. The move is meant to meet FEMA standards for the flood zone. The proposed move would shift the residence back so that it is completely out of the flood zone, though the deck would remain within the flood zone.

The board asked engineer Andrew McCullough whether it would be possible to move the residence back far enough to keep the deck out of the 75-foot line.

“Our job is to make it as compliant as possible,” said Stewart about the proposed move. The application was tabled until next month, to give McCullough time to confer with his clients.

The planning board next meets Thursday, January 17 at 7 p.m. at the town hall.