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Deer Isle & Stonington
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, April 10, 2014
Island Nursing Home supporting the Island Food Pantry

Art works across the generations at Island Nursing Home

Resident Evelyn Kent helps a Just For Kids preschooler work on an art project during a 2014 visit to the Island Nursing Home in Deer Isle, Maine.

Photo courtesy of Island Nursing Home

by Mary-Anne Saxl

Collecting for the Island Food Pantry is an annual tradition at the Island Nursing Home and Care Center in Deer Isle. INH staff and family members donate nonperishable food and pet food items for the Island Food Pantry. This important donation comes at a time of the year when many food pantries are low and need is high.

Just for Kids Day Care on Deer Isle is part of the fun. The daycare joined residents for an art project. Students visited on March 5; they had a chance to socialize with residents, drop of their food and pet donations, and to decorate bags with seasonal decorations. The bags were used to deliver the food and pet items to the pantry and will be used to carry food and pet items home from the pantry by area residents.

“It is a great project for the residents and the students from the daycare,” says Activity Director Harry Rodriguez.

Island Nursing Home has 70 residents and serves the Blue Hill peninsula and Deer Isle.