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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, February 13, 2014
Only DISHS boys make post season

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by Jack Scott

The girls basketball team lost a close game to George Stevens 34-30. We played a much better game than we did the first time we played them. It was a close game most of the way. We closed the gap in the fourth quarter and had a couple chances with 30 seconds left, but we could not capitalize and GSA made their foul shots to get the win. Allyson Eaton led us with 19 points and Morgan Shepard 7.

The girls lost to Searsport 59-45. We had a better offense but not enough energy to keep up with Searsport. We played them close for the first quarter but trailed 28-15 at the half. We played them even in the second half but couldn’t overcome the deficit. Allyson Eaton had 16 points, Morgan Shepard 15, and Holli Boyce 6.

The girls avenged an earlier loss beating Bangor Christian 47-38. We played well and got off to a quick start to lead 15-4 after the first quarter. Though we were not as quick in the second half, we maintained that lead through the game. We had balanced scoring where Allyson Eaton had 15 points, Morgan Shepard 9, Holli Boyce 8, Whitney Brown 7, and Ashley Haskell 6.

The girls easily beat Jonesport 45-16. This was similar to the first time we played them as we controlled the game throughout. Morgan Shepard led us with 14 points, Allyson Eaton 9, Whitney Brown 7, Ashley Haskell 6, Holli Boyce 5, and Logan Eaton 4.

The boys basketball team beat Searsport 73-56. We got off to a good start leading 15-5 after the first quarter. We maintained our advantage for the rest of the game, playing good team ball. We were patient and ran our half-court offense well. Stuart Bray led us with 19 points, Lucas Oliver 14, and Jared Gove 14.

The boys lost to Bucksport 49-42. This was a close game until Bucksport took a small lead in the third quarter. They hit a couple big shots near the end that made the difference. This was similar to the first game we played with them, but we were the victors in that one. Lucas Oliver led us with 19 points and Jared Gove 10.

The boys lost to Bangor Christian 70-46. After a close first quarter, BC pulled ahead 38-15 at the half. That quarter made the difference as we played them even in the second half. We didn’t have enough to pull up to them after we got so far behind. Lucas Oliver led us with 14, Pat Duddy 12, and Dave McManus 5.

We lost a close game to Jonesport 59-56. Once again it was the second quarter that put us in a hole, though not a big one. We battled back but every time we got real close, Jonesport was able to answer. This was the game Jonesport needed to win to make the playoffs, and they made the effort they needed to win. Stuart Bray and Lucas Oliver each had 18 points.

The girls end their season with a disappointing 3-15 record. I really feel we were an experienced player or two short of having a playoff team. We had a relatively tough schedule with many point-worthy opponents, but we seemed to just come up short in many games. Often it was one slack quarter that sunk our chances to win. One or two more wins would have put us in the preliminary round. We weren’t able to stick to the game plan for the whole game and it caught up with us. Because we relied heavily on the starters, we sometimes ran out of gas near the end of the game.

For next year, we return all the starters, losing only Whitney Brown to graduation, who was a solid substitute under the basket. With such overall small numbers, we will need the younger players to step up and build their skills so they can complement the starters. The challenge for the starters will be to build their offense and play with the consistency needed to win. The only consistent scorer was Allyson Eaton, with the others having good games now and then. We have the talent to break this pattern, but we have to make the commitment both mentally and physically.

That question mark will remain to be determined. You’ll have to tune in next year to see if we can get over the top and be a contender again. I really think that the pieces are all there, but we have to work together and make it work.

The boys at 7-11 are in 13th place and will play number four Shead on Wednesday, February 12, for their preliminary game. We have lost two close games to Shead, so we know we can play with them. We have to play as a team and stay out of foul trouble if we are to win. This is far from a long shot, and though it is a tough place to play, with a few breaks we could be back in Bangor again this season.

Congratulations to the Junior High teams for their stellar play in the Coastal League tournament. The girls were runners up and the boys were the champions!