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Originally published in Community News, January 16, 2014
State of Maine seeks data on storm damage

The Maine Emergency Management Agency is reminding anyone whose home or business suffered damages from the December ice storm that 2-1-1 Maine is collecting information about those damages and would like to hear from them, the agency announced in a press release.

On New Year’s Day, Governor Paul LePage requested all those who had damages or losses from the ice storm to report to 211 (dial 2-1-1, toll free). As the Governor stated in that announcement:

“This is not an application for assistance. We need to know how many people have been impacted, and where they are, in order to assess what kinds of assistance might be available. We’re asking people to report to 211 so that we know the extent of damages and losses. The 211 call specialists also have health and safety information available, and may be able to refer you to some kinds of help right away.”

Although reports are coming in to 211, more data is needed to determine whether the state might be eligible for any additional assistance programs.

It is especially important to report major damages such as burst pipes, damaged heating and electrical systems, or roof and structure damage from falling limbs and ice. All reported information helps to assess the overall impact from the ice storm. Damages can be reported to 211 even if it appears insurance will cover some or all of the cost.