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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, January 23, 2014
Cold weather poses problems for pets, too, says animal control officer

by Jessica Brophy

At their Thursday, January 9, meeting, the Deer Isle selectmen heard a report from Animal Control Officer Allan van Reijsen.

“I want to remind people to bring in their pets when it’s bitter cold,” said van Reijsen, referring to the bout of cold weather after Christmas when temperatures dipped below zero. “I’ve gotten multiple complaints from people who have seen animals outside.”

Third Selectman Lewis Ellis said that perhaps people who leave pets out in the cold should have a try on the leash outdoors in the cold themselves.

The board approved the Small Animal Clinic in Ellsworth as the destination for strays picked up by van Reijsen. Second Selectman Twyla Weed said the clinic isn’t a first choice, because it holds animals for one week, and then euthanizes them. “We make arrangements for them to go somewhere else in that case, if they’re not claimed,” she explained.

The board also accepted a revised bid of $9,500 from the Deer Isle Yacht Club for five floats and an aluminum ramp from the Bridge End site (2-0-1, Hardy). Ellis said the floats came with the property. The yacht club initially bid $11,001, but the selectmen thought the bid was too high given the condition of the floats.

The board approved three appointments to the Shellfish Committee: Chandler Eaton, Holly Eaton and Alton Smith.