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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 26, 2014
Class of 2014 promoted from Deer Isle-Stonington elementary school

The DISES Class of 2014

Graduates of the 2014 class of Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School, in Deer Isle, Maine.

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by Jessica Brophy

Thirty-four students were promoted from the eighth grade on Thursday, June 19, at Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School.

Principal Mike Benjamin welcomed friends and family, and reminded the students on stage that though they’ve worked hard, “you didn’t do it by yourself.” Benjamin mentioned the hard work of teachers, staff and parents in bringing students to the culmination of middle school.

Amy Friedell, the class-elected speaker for the eighth grade, offered advice to younger students.

“Your friends are your most important lifeline,” said Friedell. “They can save you in a storm, but if you cut the line, they can’t help you.”

Dawn Robbins, the middle level language arts teacher, described each of the students with an adjective that matched the first letter of their name before offering “five cardinal rules” to students.

“Make peace with the past, don’t worry what other people think of you, time heals almost all wounds, no one is in charge of your happiness but you, don’t compare or judge others,” said Robbins. She then encouraged those present to do what they are interested in, whatever that might be.

“Love what you do,” she said.

Middle level math teacher Josh Frost shared video clips of the students from fifth and sixth grades. “I love the way you used to let loose on stage and not worry about what other people thought,” said Frost to the students.

Middle level science teacher Mickie Flores said she asked this group of students to describe what a scientist is. “Someone who asks questions, investigates, observes, is accurate, precise, curious,” she said. “I made a poster out of your words and hung it over the classroom door. It’s the last thing I see before I leave for the day.”

Alternative Education teacher Billy Voisine praised the class members for their positive actions toward each other. “I wish there was a standardized test for how people get along and treat each other,” he said.

Jeanine Buckminster presented the Ramasoc Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution citizenship award to Mason Oliver. State Senator Brian Langley presented Brendan Penfold with the Secretary of State’s Eighth Grade Good Citizenship Award.

DISES Class of 2014 donates

Tyson Rice and Josh Frost on stage at the Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School eighth grade promotion ceremony, in Deer Isle, Maine. Rice is accepting a donation of $100 by the Class of 2014 to Barr’s Beauties, a local fundraising group that benefits those who have cancer.

Photo by Jessica Brophy
The DISES Class of 2014

Graduates of the 2014 class of Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School, in Deer Isle, Maine.

Photo by Jessica Brophy