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Deer Isle
Originally published in Compass, March 20, 2014
Martha Bell joins Island Heritage Trust

Bell joins Island Heritage Trust of Maine

Martha Bell, part-time environmental educator, leads an intertidal walk for an afterschool group.

Photo courtesy of Island Heritage Trust

Island Heritage Trust has welcomed Martha Bell to its staff as a part-time environmental educator; the trust announced in a news release.

Bell brings 30 years of experience in the field, including 18 years with the Marine Environmental Research Institute, where she developed and directed a range of education programs. She is currently serving as part-time program coordinator for Friends of Blue Hill Bay, where she manages a citizen science project focused on the clam flats.

Bell is already working closely with the Deer Isle-Stonington High School’s Marine Pathways Program to help develop potential research projects for students in the area of Deer Isle’s Southeast Harbor. For example, the ecology of freshwater run-off is of particular concern because of its effects on marine life, such as clams and mussels, in the tidal zone. Natural resource conservation is central to IHT’s mission. The opportunity to work with other community partners and students to conduct research is very exciting. Ideally, these collaborative projects will help conserve the valuable habitats on the island. The Marine Pathways Program is designed for high school students, but has the potential to benefit island life and livelihoods, as well. IHT is pleased to bring Bell’s considerable experience and expertise to this promising new effort.