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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, March 6, 2014
Stonington town meeting
Barrows joins selectmen, Brewer is new chairman

by Rich Hewitt

After all the votes were counted on Monday, March 3, the town’s residents had elected one new selectman and returned one incumbent to the board.

Benjamin Barrows and incumbent Richard Larrabee Sr. were the two top vote-getters in the polling. Barrows received 93 votes and Larrabee got 76 votes to win the two open seats on the board. Incumbent chairman George Stevens finished third in the race with 64 votes.

In other voting, there were no candidates for two open seats on the Sanitary District board. Benjamin Pitts received six write-in votes and indicated he would serve, according to Town Clerk Lucretia Bradshaw. There were five write-in candidates for the at-large seat on the board, all of whom received one vote. Bradshaw said she had not contacted any of them yet to see if they would serve.

In voting for the Deer Isle-Stonington CSD school board, incumbent Lawrence P. “Skip” Greenlaw was reelected to another three-year term and Virginia Peacock was selected to fill the other open seat on the board. Greenlaw received 92 votes in Stonington and 327 in Deer Isle for a total of 419; Peacock got 94 votes in Stonington and 303 in Deer Isle for a total of 397; and Milton Allen received 46 votes in Stonington and 128 in Deer Isle for a total of 174.

After the conclusion of the annual town meeting, the selectmen elected Donna Brewer as chairman and Richard Larrabee Sr. as vice chairman. They also made the following appointments:

Richard Larrabee Sr., overseer of roads; Donna Brewer, selectmen’s representative to the airport committee and the Island Community Center; Benjamin Barrows, selectmen’s representative to the harbor committee and the Stonington Economic Development Committee; Christopher Betts, overseer of the transfer station; and Evelyn Duncan, selectmen’s representative to the Colwell Ramp committee and the microloan committee.

The board also appointed Dean Eaton and reappointed D. Gay Atkinson II to serve on the Colwell Ramp committee; Ryan Hayward as fire chief; Daniel Coombs as assistant fire chief, Kevin Clough as fire police; and reappointed harbor committee members Justin Boyce, Hilton Turner, Charles Turner, Richard Larrabee Jr. and Ryan Larrabee.

In the only other business, the selectmen again balked at authorizing the sale of the former harbor master’s boat. The board had previously refused to authorize the sale of the boat until they had a clear recommendation from the harbor committee. Chris Betts noted that the boat had cost $13,000 and the committee had received an offer of $8,000 for the boat.

Town Manager Kathleen Billings-Pezaris indicated that the committee wanted to sell it for $8,000 but noted that there had been some dissention. Larrabee had previously said he thought the price was too low and pointed out that the trailer alone was worth $3,500. But, he said, if he had a formal vote from the harbor committee recommending that the boat be sold, he’d support that.

The selectmen sent the matter back to the harbor committee for that vote.