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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, July 6, 2017
CSD 13 moves forward with head of school
School administration model shifts

The CSD 13 Board voted to move forward with a new administration model that would see a kindergarten through 12th-grade head of school, with one principal at each Island school, during a special meeting on June 26.

The head of school position will focus on planning, curriculum, professional development, school initiatives, and short- and long-term goals, according to Union 76 Superintendent Chris Elkington. Additionally, the individual will oversee teacher evaluations and share duties with each principal.

The two principals will run their respective buildings on a day-to-day basis, focusing on the daily needs of students regarding social-emotional and behavioral support, along with school procedures, support staff, scheduling, and tackling immediate parent, guardian and teacher support.

Additionally, the principal at the elementary school will be in charge of overseeing Response to Intervention, while the principal at the high school will become the athletic director for grades six through 12.

The school board has started the advertising process to fill the three positions, with the idea that interviews will begin some time in July. The goal is to have suitable candidates for final interviews and hiring in place by August.