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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, July 6, 2017
Gove honored for ‘selfless acts’

Stewardship Award

Andy Gove was presented with a Stewardship Award from the Department of Marine Resources. At left, Marine Patrol officer Rustin Ames, Rose and Andy Gove and Col. Jon Cornish.

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by Rustin Ames

Special recognition is awarded to Andrew “Andy” Gove for 80 years of selfless acts of bravery, life saving and continued support of Marine Patrol.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rustin Ames. I’ve been a Marine Patrol officer in Stonington for 12 years and I’m very honored to have the opportunity to speak to you here today, on behalf of my department. Believe it or not, some people say that Stonington is a hard place for a green, young fella to start his career out, come on now, who believes that? A young kid, 23 years old in Stonington, ahh no problem, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it was difficult and it wouldn’t have been the same without the friendship and love from Andy and Rose Gove. They welcomed me into their home and the community and treated me like their son and I’m forever grateful for this. I’d now like to read to you a little something my department has prepared for them.

Andy Gove was born in the spring of 1930. At the ripe old age of seven he began his lobstering career. It was obviously the correct career path because eighty years later he is still at it. Some may say he is seeking perfection, others may say he has achieved perfection but the truth is he simply loves it.

Andy has always had a love for the sea and trapping critters. As a child while attending school he and a friend were trapping mice along the shoreline. The teacher soon learned that Andy and his trapping partner didn’t have to use the outhouse as often as they claimed. The boys were taking turns checking their traps on “bathroom breaks”. The traps found their way into the schoolhouse wood stove, a fact that still ruffles his feathers many years later.

Andy’s adventurous attitude took him into deeper waters to catch lobsters. He also purchased and learned to fly a plane to help spot for fish. His ability to read the ocean floor like a book and understand the tides, currents and wind along with his plane have made him a valuable local asset when his skills are called upon. And they have been called upon several times over the years. Whether it was a smack boat that ran aground, a missing fellow lobsterman or Island kid that was late in returning from a mainland trip to the movies, Andy has always answered the call. It is men like Andy Gove that the younger generations look up to. That has earned him the nickname “Uncle”.

The best choice Andy ever made wasn’t fishing, trapping or even flying. It was Rose, his wife. She has stood by his side for 70 years.

The Department of Marine Resources would like to thank the Goves for their hospitality, lending of boats and skiffs, local knowledge and most of all their friendship. Happy anniversary and we wish you the best on your next 70 years.