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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 15, 2017
Deer Isle voters okay town manager
Island residents approve school budget

by Monique Labbe

In Deer Isle, residents voted 153-86 to approve the transition to a town manager form of government. The adoption of the new model will go into effect March 5, 2018, provided a suitable candidate is found.

Selectmen held a public hearing in advance of the June 13 vote, to answer questions about the process and cost of the transition. While the salary of the town manager would be dependent on the individual’s experience and qualifications, Selectman Lewis Ellis anticipated that the salary would be around $50,000. That number is comparable to other town manager salaries in similarly sized towns.

The selectmen pointed out at the public hearing that if voters passed the warrant item, it did not mean that the town was bound to hire a town manager right away.

“If we don’t find someone we think is right, then we continue with things as they are now,” said Selectman Twyla Weed, at the public hearing. “We are not going to hire someone just to hire someone.”

School validation approved

Residents of Deer Isle and Stonington voted decidedly in favor of the 2017-18 CSD 13 budget in a 227-51 island-wide validation vote on Tuesday, June 13.

Stonington voters approved Article 2, the total funding allocation of $6,252,846, in a 37-3 vote. The Deer Isle vote was 190-48 in favor.

The amount to be raised from taxes for adult education in Article 3 was also passed. Stonington residents voted in favor 36-4, while Deer Isle residents approved it 193-41.