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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, August 23, 2018
CSD Board spot still vacant
Stonington member needed

by Tevlin Schuetz

The CSD Board is still one member short, chairman Jane Osborne said during an August 15 meeting.

Stonington Selectmen must appoint someone to fill the seat, Osborne said, and while a couple people came forward, no one followed through with the commitment.

Osborne said she spoke with Stonington Town Manager Kathleen Billings early last week, who said the town administration’s efforts haven’t yielded any candidates yet.

“They took all the names from the Future of Our Schools Committee meeting to see if they could identify anybody who was interested in serving, and so far … they have no one,” Osborne said.

The vacancy resulted from Stephen York’s recent departure. York announced his resignation in late June, citing his relocation as cause for his ineligibility.

The appointee would only be required to occupy the position until elections [next March], Osborne noted.

“They can try out the position to see if they wanted to run,” she said. “It’s just to fill out this year.”

Longtime board member Skip Greenlaw suggested revisiting a strategy he employed in the past to find a replacement for a board member who had passed away.

“We might want to get on the telephone and make some calls. Many years ago … I literally called 30 people before anyone agreed to serve,” he recounted.

Any Stonington resident interested in filling the seat should contact Town Manager Billings at 367-2351.