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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, August 30, 2018
Cheerleaders hope to represent community
Nominated for Philadelphia cheering event

A love of cheering

Aubrey Morey, left, and Josie Eaton are hoping to represent Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade in November. Morey and Eaton were nominated to attend the event because of their performance at the National Cheer Association cheer camp at Husson University in July.

Photo courtesy of Angel Eaton

by Monique Labbe

Two sixth grade cheerleaders from Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School have received an opportunity to represent their community in Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November.

Aubrey Morey, daughter of Tracie and Bennett Morey, and Josie Eaton, daughter of Angel and Travis Eaton, were nominated for the Varsity Spirit event in Philadelphia at the National Cheerleading Association Cheer Camp at Husson University in July. The girls received All American nominations, presented to cheerleaders who excelled in a variety of stunting, tumbling and jumping techniques, as well as leadership.

To get themselves to the event in Philadelphia, the girls have started a fundraising campaign to raise the money needed for travel and stay. They have been going door to door to various businesses on the island, and have planned a few specific fundraising events, such as a bake sale and a mini cheer clinic. In all, the girls are hoping to raise $3,000.

They said they are excited to be able to represent their school and community at the Philadelphia event. There was a “good representation” of cheerleaders from the island that took part in the camp at Husson, added Angel Eaton, which she said was a nod to the work cheer coach Amber Jones has done with the students through programming at the Island Community Center, as well as with the school program.

Morey and Eaton only just started cheering competitively, but both have been cheerleaders at heart for several years. They both have sisters who play basketball, and had family members make them homemade cheerleading uniforms so that they could cheer their sisters on from the sidelines.

Both say stunting is their favorite part about cheerleading. Neither has a favorite stunt, specifically, saying all of the stunt work is “fun.”

While their coach and parents are helping them with the fundraising, the girls are putting in the work as well. In addition to visiting local businesses, they will also serve as the coaches and teachers during the mini cheer clinic.

“We are putting together a few 8 counts [for choreography], and jumps and other motion techniques,” said Morey.

“[Jones] will be there supervising, but we’ll be coaching,” added Eaton.

The Quest for Philadelphia bake sale is scheduled for 11 a.m. September 2 at TradeWinds Market Place in Blue Hill. The cheer clinic will be scheduled at a future date.

For more information, or to donate to the cause, contact Tracie Morey at 701-8170, or Angel Eaton at 460-1404.