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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, December 13, 2018
Island Angel Gowns branches out
Company to provide more for families facing loss

by Monique Labbe

Two years ago, Trisha Morris began making gowns for families dealing with the loss of an infant at or soon after birth. With the help of donations and working with different organizations, Island Angel Gowns is expanding.

Each gown now comes in its own individual packaging, complete with a clay casting for parents to get one last impression of their baby’s hand or footprint. The package also comes with an angel wing pin for the parents.

“I also put together bereavement care packages for mothers who have lost a baby, NICU [neonatal, Intensive Care Unit] care packages and also make inclusion jewelry made with locks of hair, breast milk, or ash,” Morris added.

Morris has teamed up with Twenty-Five and Four and swaddle4swaddle for her NICU care package needs. Twenty-Five and Four provides Morris with shirts for babies in the NICU, while swaddle4swaddle sends her swaddling blankets. Both companies donate these items to Island Angel Gowns.

Morris added that due to donations to her company, she has been able to provide families with an Owlet Smart Sock, used to monitor a child’s heart rate while sleeping. She has partnered with Owlet to receive three free smart socks for each one she buys at full price.

Morris said that getting support from different organizations has taken initiative on her part to reach out and make the first contact.

“I send out all kinds of emails to all different kinds of companies that have products that I think might be good for the NICU care packages for the babies or mom and hope that they want to take part in helping to provide for a good cause,” she said.

Morris has also decided to take the initiative to become a doula, to become an added support for expecting mothers.

“[I’m doing this] mostly to be able to provide proper emotional support towards loss,” she said.

Morris is also the owner and operator of Sew What? By Trisha and the mother of three children under the age of 12.