News Feature

Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, January 11, 2018
Island towns see lack of candidates for upcoming election

by Faith DeAmbrose

With no declared candidates for a three-year term on Deer Isle’s board of selectmen, one seat on the CSD#13 school board, and for three seats on Stonington’s Sanitary District, a write-in candidacy is one of two options for Island residents. The other, a special election, could be held if write-in candidates do not emerge after voting March 5.

Deer Isle, and neighboring Stonington, do not pose any restrictions on write-in candidates. By law, municipalities can choose to adopt a measure requiring a candidate to declare a candidacy ahead of an election, but neither island town has voted to make that its policy (as allowed by law, 21-A M.R.S.A, § 2501).

Since there are no restrictions, any resident of Deer Isle or Stonington can run as a write-in candidate in any race in their town, and at any time, up until the election. Would-be write-in candidates can even challenge those on the ballot. Those wishing to do so, should let others in the community know.

Voters can also write in the name of the person they wish to support although if elected by the most number of votes, “winning” candidates can turn down the position if they so choose.

Absentee ballots for both island towns will be available by February 2, 30 days before the election. Voting will take place March 5 in the morning before the business portion of the meeting.