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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, July 19, 2018
Stonington wife, mom named Mrs. Stonington America
Will compete in Mrs. Maine America 2019 pageant

Stonington wife, mom named Mrs. Stonington America

Diana Ross and her husband Mike are raising their six children in Stonington. Ross was recently named Mrs. Stonington America and plans to compete in the 2019 Mrs. Maine America pageant next year.

Photo courtesy of Diana Ross

by Monique Labbe

Diana Ross has become one of the latest candidates who will vie for the title of Mrs. Maine America 2019.

Ross was named Mrs. Stonington America in June after completion of an application process. Some of the criteria included being over the age of 18, being married, etc. Ross also had to provide a bio, which noted what her campaign platform would be, her opinion on world issues and, importantly, her marriage and family life.

The Mrs. America competition functions similarly to the Ms. America and Ms. Teen USA pageants, except it not only highlights the women, but also their husbands, who escort their wives during the evening gown competition.

Ross will be working with Teen Challenge of Maine, a group dedicated to support addiction awareness around the state, to run a campaign platform rooted in raising funds and awareness for addiction. Ross said she will be working with the organization throughout the campaign process, and “hopefully, thereafter.”

The 2019 Mrs. Maine America pageant comes with a host of fees, for dresses, food, etc. Ross said she will be running some fundraisers throughout the year, including one in Thorndike on August 11-12, called Rock the Flock. She has also started a GoFundMe page to raise donations.

“During my campaign the hope and desire is to obtain local sponsorship to really show community involvement and support, as well as help offset many of the pageant fees. In return, all sponsors are given a tax deductible receipt and they are featured in all of my Mrs. Stonington America ads during my campaign,” she said.

In addition to the event in Thorndike, Ross also made appearances at the Fourth of July festivities on the island, as well as Fishermen’s Day and the Stonington Lobster Boat Races. She has also been asked to volunteer as Mrs. Stonington America at the annual Dempsey Challenge road race in Portland and at the Moxie Festival on July 14 in Lisbon.

“Lots of great, new events are being brought to the table every day and I am so fortunate to get to participate in them for our beautiful island as Mrs. Stonington America,” she said.

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