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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, May 17, 2018
Monument decorations honor father, veterans

Ready for Memorial Day

The veterans monument at the beginning of Quaco Road in Deer Isle is decorated for Memorial Day this month.

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by Monique Labbe

Coming around the curve by Quaco Road in Deer Isle, drivers may notice decorations around a monument celebrating the veterans on the island who have served in various wars. That monument was a highlight of Martin “Cleve” Weed’s daily drive through town, and when he passed away two and a half years ago, his family decided to use the monument as a way to remember him.

“Decorating the monument started because we were trying to find a way to remember him,” said Weed’s daughter Terri-Lee Jones. “We thought it would be nice to have flowers and decorations on it, so that we could recognize our father and all veterans on the island.”

Jones purchases all the decorations, and she, her mother Myra and a handful of family members decorate according to the season or holiday. Recently, Jones and crew put up the Memorial Day decorations, featuring red and white flowers around the monument, as well as wreaths celebrating the holiday.

“There’s quite a list of veterans up there,” said Jones. “It’s really great to be able to honor them in that way.”

The monument features decorations for fall, Christmas, and other holidays throughout the year, and Jones said that when the decorations come down to make room for new ones, she often hears people’s excitement about what the new decorations might be.

“I think people really appreciate it,” she said. “I had one woman from far away. She collects nutcrackers, and she somehow heard that the Christmas decorations included nutcrackers. She called to ask when I was putting them up so she could come take pictures.”

Jones said there is no real process to her decorating plans or decoration purchases other than decorating in accordance to the season.

“I just do it,” she said. “I’m a great sales shopper.”

The reaction to the decorations was much more than Jones thought it would be when they started the project two and a half years ago. When asked what her father’s reaction to what the family has done with the monument would be, the smile on her face radiated.