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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, November 29, 2018
ATM machine in N. Deer Isle woods a prank

by Anne Berleant

Most people don’t expect to see an ATM machine sitting in the woods off of a country dirt road, but a North Deer Isle woman called the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office to report finding one during a morning’s walk near Dexter Farm Road on November 20.

The machine was found in the wood about a half mile off the road and “appeared to be old and showed no real signs of tampering on the outside,” responding Detective Steve McFarland noted. In addition, the machine did not appear to be in working condition.

With no recent reports of a stolen ATM machine, the sheriff’s office encouraged anyone with information to call. On November 21, someone did—the owner of the machine, who reportedly placed it there as a joke to her neighbors.