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Originally published in Castine Patriot, November 8, 2018
Incumbents, newcomers win local elections

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2018 Election Results - Castine Patriot
2018 Election Results

by Monique Labbe

Voters in Castine and Penobscot took to the polls on Election Day, November 6, to cast their votes in local and statewide elections.

Democratic candidates in races to represent Senate District 8, House District 131 (Penobscot), and District 133 (Castine), won locally but did not mirror the district-wide results.

Senate District 8 Republican incumbent Kimberley Rosen retained her seat, 58 percent to 42 percent, although Democratic challenger Beverly Uhlenhake was favored by a fair margin in Castine and Penobscot.

Republican Sherm Hutchins won the House District 131 seat with 54 percent of votes district-wide over Democratic challenger Nathalie Arruda but narrowly lost in his home town, 342 votes to Arruda’s 362.

In the race for House District 133, Democratic candidate Sarah Pebworth won locally and district-wide over her Republican challenger Nancy Colwell by a healthy margin.

Voters also favored John Wombacher, the Democratic candidate for Hancock County Commissioner, District 2, over Republican incumbent Percy Brown, of Deer Isle, locally and county-wide. Incumbent Republican District Attorney Matt Foster retained his office although Castine and Penobscot voters favored independent challenger Steve Juskewitch.

For Hancock County Judge of Probate, Bar Harbor Democrat Lynne Williams won local voters over Republican incumbent William Blaisdell but county-wide the race was too close to call by press time.

In state elections, Castine and Penobscot voters followed suit with the statewide results in the race for governor, selecting Democratic candidate Janet Mills for governor over Republican Shawn Moody and independent Terry Hayes.

A tight race for the U.S. House District 2 seat between Democrat Jared Golden and Republican incumbent Bruce Poliquin will use ranked choice voting to determine the winner, with each holding about 46 percent of the vote and independent candidate Tiffany Bond receiving 5.6 percent. But locally, Golden was a clear winner across both towns.

Independent candidate Angus King handily took the votes in the race for the United States Senate.

In Castine, residents also voted in uncontested races for the board of selectmen, Castine school board and Witherle Library board of trustees. Gordon MacArthur (board of selectmen), Kathy MacArthur (school board) and Jeff Ackerman (library board of trustees) received 394, 414 and 422 votes in their respective uncontested races.

Voters in Castine also overwhelmingly approved a local referendum question to allow the town to accept the donation of the structure located on the town’s 20’x30’ ground lease parcel from the Castine Community Partners, LLC (414-31).

In Castine, 461 of the 1,055 registered voters cast ballots on election day, while 722 of the 1,061 registered voters in Penobscot submitted ballots.