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Blue Hill
Originally published in Castine Patriot, September 13, 2018 and Island Ad-Vantages, September 13, 2018 and The Weekly Packet, September 13, 2018
2018 Blue Hill Fair Results

Demolition Derby

Cars and drivers battle for bragging rights as the Maine State Champion in the Demolition Derby on Labor Day.

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Demolition Derby–Maine State Championships
Champion’s Prize: 6-foot trophy, belt and $1,600. Nineteen drivers entered the derby.
1. David Cianci, Atkinson Mills
2. Louis Reed, Sedgwick
3. Henry Boudreau, Winterport
Heat winners: Kevin Feekins, Mark Andrews, Jay Ditullio, Danny Gill, Larry Laney.

Hancock County’s Got Talent
First Place and $500: Singer Delaney Woodward, Gouldsboro.
Second Place and $250: Singing duo Kiana and Seneca Maddocks-Wilbur, Ellsworth.
Third Place and $100: Singer Trudi Clark, Ellsworth.
MC: Roman Perez. Judges: Nick Turner (The Grand), Jim Pendergist (businessman), Amanda Ashe (Franklin Savings Bank) and Scott Kane (Hancock County Sheriff).

Horseshoe Toss
Twenty-four teams participated.
First Place: Braden Alley and Allen Church, $1,000.
Second Place: Ralph Jellison and Dillon Wilbur, $300.

Baking and Cooking Contests
Blueberry Pie Contest, 13 entries. 1st: Jill Lewis, Ellsworth. 2nd: Maria Woodward, Sedgwick. 3rd: Gena Fignar, Southport, Conn.
Blueberry Muffin Contest, 14 entries. 1st: Vanessa Rancourt, Jackman. 2nd: Rozina Astbury, Orland. 3rd: Maria Woodward, Sedgwick.
Fudge Contest, 21 entries. 1st: Maria Woodward, Sedgwick. 2nd: Peter Woodward, Sedgwick. 3rd: Joe Costa, Machias. Honorable mention: Rozina Astbury, Orland.
Beef Recipe Cook-off: Betsy Robishaw.
4-H Cake Contest: 1st: Grunder’s Groovy Go-Getters 4-H Club. 2nd (tie): Alexis Dunn. 2nd (tie): Grunder’s Go-Getters 4-H Club.

Arts and Crafts
Number of Exhibits: 754, down 89 from previous year.
Number of Exhibitors: 200, down 4 from previous year.
Premiums Given: Approximately $3,305.
Demonstrators: 12
Best of Show in Art: Gloria Avner, Mount Desert, for her watercolor painting.
Best of Show in Crafts: Carla Bragan, long-time exhibitor from Sebec, for her hooked rug.

Flower Show
Number of Exhibits: 183, down 100 from 2017, no doubt due to dry weather.
Number of Exhibitors: 21.
Paid in Premiums: $520.
Cameron Astle of Ellsworth placed first in the Children’s Special Premium with his winning “Barnyard Scarecrow.” Hazel and Ruby Ross-Olund of East Blue Hill placed second with their fishing scarecrow.

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Exhibition Hall
Vegetable Exhibits
Total Exhibits: 720 from 53 people, up from 2017.
New Hall Exhibits for 2018: 1. Jonathan Fisher House, 2. Horse racing at Blue Hill Fair, developed by Vivian Grindle.
Grange Exhibits: 1. Arbutus Grange, Surry; 2. Castine Grange, Castine; 3. Schoodic Grange, Franklin; 4. Osceola Grange, Harrington; 5. Verona Grange, Verona Island
Largest Pumpkin Contest: 1. Drew Allen, Sedgwick, 260 pounds. 2. Trenton Astbury, Troy, 146 pounds.
Major Vegetable Entries: Richard Merrill, Stetson; Rozina Astbury, Orland; Susanne Astbury, Troy; Addison Astbury, Troy; Trenton Astbury, Troy; Sylvia Wardwell, Sargentville; Cheryl Astle, Bar Harbor; Mary Blackstone, Ellsworth; Sist. Combs and Esty, Sedgwick.

Blue Hill Fair Sheepdog Trial
Twenty-one dogs ran.
1. Sally Butler & Roo; 2. Steve Wetmore & Floss; 3. Pam Davies & Dilys; 4. Sally Butler & Lucky; 5. Pam Davies & Nan; 6. Lynn Deschambeault & Nana; 7. Dave Young & Pic; 8. Lynn Deschambeault & Vic; 9. Nancy Phillips & Dot; 10. Dave Young & Tag.

Northeast U.S. Sheepdog Trial
Twenty-one dogs ran.
1. Nancy Phillips & Dewey; 2. Tim Molinero & Finn; 3.Lynn Deschambeault & Vic; 4. Steve Wetmore & Gile; 5. Dave Young & Bess; 6. Roger Deschambeault & Jill; 7. Pam Davies & Dilys; 8. Steve Wetmore & Floss; 9. Lynn Deschambeault & Flo; 10. Sally Butler & Roo.

4-H & Livestock Shows
Oxen Scooting Contest
Large Morning Class: 1. Morgan Chadwick with Timber and Jack. 2. Duane Chase with Amos and Andy. 3. Nick Stitham with Hilly and Billy. 4. Gene Cunningham with Leo and Lion. 5. Wes Daniel with Pete and Willy.
Small Morning Class: 1. MaKayle Chadwick with Red and Rascal. 2. Pat Chadwick with Nip and Tuck. 3. Nick Stitham with Joke and Broke.
Large Afternoon Class: 1. Duane Chase with Amos and Andy. 2. Morgan Chadwick with Timber and Jack. 3. Gene Cunningham with Leo and Lion.
Small Afternoon Class: 1. Pat Chadwick with Nip and Tuck. 2. MaKayle Chadwick with Red and Rascal.

4-H Sheep Show
4-H Handspinners Best Fleece: Tess Sarna
Fitting and Showing: Novice: 1. Shelby Gross. 2. Emma Clement. 3. Tess Sarna. Senior: 1. Hunter Ellis. Market Lamb: 1. Shelby Gross. 2. Emma Clement. 3. Hunter Ellis. Grand Champion Ram: Logan Averill. Grand Champion Ewe: Logan Averill.

Open Sheep Show
Best Overall Ram in Show: David Averill.
Best Overall Ewe in Show: David Averill.

4-H Beef Show
Fitting and Showing: Novice: 1. Shelby Gross. 2. Emma Clement. Junior: 1. Madalynn Nickerson. 2. Abby Caron. Senior: 1. Ashton Caron, Hunter Ellis. Junior Champion: Madalynn Nickerson. Reserve Jr. Champion: Emma Clement. Senior Champion: Ashton Caron. Reserve Senior Champion: Shelby Gross. Wilbur Wilson Memorial Grand Champion: Ashton Caron, Wilbur Wilson Memorial Reserve Grand Champion: Madalynn Nickerson. Market Steer: 1. Madalynn Nickerson. 2. Shelby Gross. 3. Hunter Ellis.

Open Beef Show
Overall Champion Bull: Casa Cattle. Overall Reserve Champion Bull: Beechwood Farm. Overall Champion Female: Casa Cattle. Overall Reserve Champion Female: Beechwood Farm.
Breeds shown: Shorthorn, Charolais, Simmental, Lowline Angus, Grade, Belted Galloway, AOB.

4H Dairy Cattle Show
Fitting and Showing: Novice: 1. Caleb Fowler 2. Tess Sarna. Junior: 1. Kelsy Stevenson. Senior: 1. Kelsey Fowler. Cow and Calf: Kelsy Stevenson.
Breeds shown: Holstein, Guernsey, Jersey

Open Dairy Cattle Show
Overall Best Udder: Castonguay Ayrshires. Breed Ayrshires, Grand Champion: Castonguay Ayrshires. Breed Brown Swiss, Grand Champion: Faithful Venture Farm. Breed Guernsey, Grand Champion: Four R Farm. Breed Holstein, Grand Champion: Veazland Farm. Breed Jersey, Grand Champion: Four R Farm.

4H Dairy Goat Show
Showmanship and Fitting: Senior: 1. Cassidy Leeman. 2. Gretchen Grunder. 3. Christopher Sargent. 4. Abigail Grunder. 5. Janie Brooks. Intermediate: 1. Marina Legere. Junior: 1. Mya Chase. 2. Ava Pelkey. 3. Tess Sarna. 4. Margaret Reilich. Novice: 1. Maggie Prentiss. 2. Kylie Huard. 3. Geneva Beckim. 4. Andrew Beckim.
Best Udder of Show: Christopher Sargent. Best Herd of Show: Marina Legere. Dam and Daughter: Marina Legere. Evelyn Cassette Memorial: Cassidy Leeman. Best Doe in Show: Ava Pelkey.
Breeds shown this year: LaMancha, Oberhasli, Nubians, AOP and Recorded Grade.

Open Dairy Goat Show
Best Udder of Show: Chateau Briant. Best Junior Doe in Show: Valley’s Edge Farm. Best Senior Doe in Show: Valley’s Edge Farm.
Breeds: Alpine, AOP, LaMancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Recorded Grade.

Open Youth Horse Show
Overall High Point Champion: Ashlynn Bosse and After Elegance

Women’s Skillet Toss
Results not available.

Blueberry Pie Eating Contest
Results not available.