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The Island
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 13, 2019
$6.78M school budget affirmed by island voters

by Faith DeAmbrose

Voters in Deer Isle and Stonington affirmed the 2019-20 CSD school budget during a day-long referendum June 11.

The results supported a June 3 public meeting vote to spend $6,788,696, an amount that is up 1.46 percent from last year’s budget.

In Deer Isle 72 voters were in favor of the school budget, with eight voting against; 72 voters supported the $55,843 adult education budget, with six against.

In Stonington 21 people voted in favor of both the school budget and the adult education budget, while three were against.

Of the total budget amount, Deer Isle will shoulder $2,334,363 and Stonington taxpayers will pick up the remaining $1,061,267.