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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, March 28, 2019
Workshops help streamline internet use

by Monique Labbe

The world of technology is changing at such a rapid pace that it may feel impossible to keep up. In an effort to help take some of that stress away, Chase Emerson Memorial Library is hosting technology information literacy workshops, led by WERU’s Jim Campbell.

The initiative was organized by library board member Ken Kral, and, over the first two sessions, has discussed how to use the internet most effectively, in terms of internet safety, database usage and efficiency.

Campbell said that workshops like these are important because technology is a part of everyday life regardless of who one is or what they do for a living.

“Our lives, for better or worse, are becoming more and more digital,” he said. “Understanding the impact of technology on our everyday lives is important so that people can make informed decisions for themselves, and put technology to work for their purposes rather than having the digital devices they have purchased operate for the purposes of device makers and tech companies.”

The first workshop, held in February, looked at an overview of three elements of information literacy online: the ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information for one’s own purposes, and to do all of that, safely in an online environment. The second one, held March 19, discussed how to locate information using online tools such as browsers, databases and search engines. The third and final session, to be held sometime in April, will look at how to evaluate the information gathered on the internet, and then use it effectively for one’s individual needs.

Campbell said that the workshops are designed for the younger and older generations alike, and that people of any age would find some of the information being discussed useful for their internet use.