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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, March 28, 2019
Write-in candidate rejoins CSD 13 school board

Darrell Williams

Darrell Williams, pictured with his family, is the latest elected to the CSD 13 board after receiving enough write-in votes during Deer Isle and Stonington elections earlier this month.

Photo courtesy of Darrell Williams

by Monique Labbe

Write-in candidate Darrell Williams was officially named to the CSD 13 board after receiving enough votes during Deer Isle and Stonington elections earlier this month.

Williams, who was appointed to fill a vacated seat on the board in December of 2018, said that when the short term was over, he decided he wanted to continue.

“I enjoyed being a part of the board these past few months,” he said. “With three small kids and many friends with school age children, I had a huge interest in trying to do what I can to help make this the best possible school system available.”

Williams was one of two board members to announce write in candidacies via social media prior to town meetings. Liz Perez also made the decision to run as a write in for a separate seat, which she was then elected to.

Williams said that because he made the announcement, he was not surprised with the outcome, but was “pleasantly surprised” by the support he received from voters.

Now that he has rejoined the board, Williams said one of the priorities is to look to the financial future of the school, and how to continue providing as many services as possible to students while remaining fiscally conservative.

“I think we have to look to the future and make smart decisions about how we financially support what the community voted to keep. Our kids deserve a top quality education that prepares them for whatever path they choose in life,” he said.

Williams added that the board members, along with Union 76 Superintendent Chris Elkington, have done a “great job over the last few years” tackling issues facing the schools, and that he is looking forward to helping continue that work.

“I would say my biggest goal is to be a part of that, try to affect positive change and continue to make our schools something we can all be proud of,” he said.