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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, May 16, 2019
There’s A Treat owners take on takeout

New owners, new playground

There’s A Treat Takeout owners Cory Eaton, left, and Theresa Gove-Eaton, have added to the playground behind the restaurant, with new fixtures such as the photo board pictured at left.

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by Monique Labbe

Theresa Gove-Eaton and her husband Cory Eaton have been in the restaurant business for years, and when circumstances beyond their control forced their There’s A Treat eat-in restaurant to close earlier this year, the couple decided to take on takeout.

The couple operated Madelyn’s Drive-In during last year’s summer season, under the name it had held for decades. This season, they took over the business outright, and have turned it into There’s A Treat Takeout.

The menu offers many of the favorites from both Madelyn’s and There’s A Treat, such as the burgers, foot-long hot dogs, ice cream sundaes, and flurries.

“We want to stay true to what Madelyn’s was, and still is to people, and also bring a little of us and There’s A Treat into it too,” said Eaton.

Because of that, the couple said that visitors and locals alike who have a favorite that may not be on this year’s menu, can still get it if they ask for it. Also, anyone who has outstanding There’s A Treat gift cards can still use them at the takeout location.

The restaurant is currently open on weekends, but opens May 17, seven days a week, through the season. The playground has been spruced up with new equipment, and children on the island have come in and put their hand prints all over the picnic tables. Those will be sealed and permanent, giving an added level to the family oriented business the couple is trying to accomplish.

The menu will feature a burger of the day, every day, and children who eat at the takeout will get a “kid’s box,” with a small toy and a token for a free ice cream. For the canine kids, puppy bowls with vanilla ice cream finished with a dog biscuit will also be available.

Frequenters can either call ahead for their food, or pull up to the restaurant and order through the takeout window. Staff members will also bring food to the vehicle for anyone with mobility issues.

“We really just want to be as accommodating as we can to everybody,” said Gove-Eaton.

Enthusiastic about the restaurant business, both Eaton and Gove-Eaton said that they are excited to start another season, and are looking forward to being able to focus on the takeout restaurant full time for the next few months.

“It really all comes at you like a blur,” said Eaton. “We’ve both been at this a long time, and I don’t think we were expecting the cars and people and orders that came in on that first day [last year].”

“I think we’re definitely better prepared this year,” added Gove-Eaton. “Now that we can both just be here, we can hit the ground running and be present here.”

The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Sunday-Saturday, until Columbus Day.