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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, September 19, 2019
Cell service still delayed in Stonington

Communications tower

A crane installs the communications tower in July.

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by Faith DeAmbrose

For those dreaming of making cell phone calls while roaming the streets of downtown Stonington, the days of reception are still a month or more away, with each location experiencing its own set of issues.

The tower on Cemetery Road, which will house AT&T, is being held up due to a delay with the installation of a fiber circuit for the backhaul to their switch. (Backhaul is a telecommunications term that refers to the transmission of a signal from a remote site or network to another site.) To further complicate matters, there is an issue with the would-be tenants which has stalled further installation due to complications arising from a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, according to the company that is working to site the tower.

At the town’s water tower where a U.S. Cellular mini tower, or repeater, is being installed, broken equipment is delaying that project. According to Stonington’s Town Manager Kathleen Billings, an “electronics cabinet” was delivered last week and after the road crew helped the technicians get it to the site, it was found to have been damaged during shipment. “It’ll probably be another four to six weeks, but they are hoping to have it going before winter sets in.”