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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, September 5, 2019
Deer Isle rolls out fall paving plans

Fall paving in Deer Isle

Cracks, erosion and other issues on the Dow Road will be addressed during fall paving in Deer Isle.

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by Monique Labbe

After two meetings full of discussions about paving priorities, scheduling and cost, the Deer Isle Board of Selectmen has developed a road work plan to begin the third week of September.

Eaton Paving owner Skip Eaton met with the selectmen last week, during which time the work list was sorted out and roads were given priority based on need. Eaton and his crew will begin work on September 16, provided the weather is cooperative, on segments of five roads in Deer Isle.

The Sunshine Road has been given top priority, along with the Sunset Cross Road. From there, work will move to the Dow Road and Quaco Road, with the Greenlaw District Road having lowest priority.

“Sunshine Road receives special state-aid funding that is restricted to Sunshine and Eggemoggin roads,” said Deer Isle Town Manager Jim Fisher. “The Greenlaw District Road will be the final road to pave and will be done to the extent possible given approved funds and paving depths and widths required on the other roads.”

The town has allotted $179,000 to paving this year, according to Fisher.

Beyond the fall paving project, Fisher said he plans to sit down with Deer Isle Road Commissioner Bert Schmidt to develop a “longer-term” paving plan. Fisher said spring brings surprises every year, with roads being damaged from frost and heavy trucks. This, he said, makes it difficult to plan from one year to the next.

“Plans have to be adjusted when roads unexpectedly fall apart. I can’t overstate the negative impacts of heavy trucks using our roads during the road posting season. One user can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage,” said Fisher.