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Selectman John Steed listens as Ronda Dodge addresses the Stonington select board at its September 13 meeting.

Photo by Leslie Landrigan

Friday, September 17, 2021

Island looks to a way forward for the Island Nursing Home
But time is running out

Deer Isle —

As the Island Nursing Home board looks for a way to use the building after it closes and all the residents leave, former board members and community leaders are looking ...

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Delta variant causing COVID-19 surge

Missed opportunity? INH sought proposal for foreign nurses in 2020

Two COVID-19 cases close DISHS for a week

Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge closures planned

Friday, September 10, 2021

Archipelago arch
Archipelago arch

Community looks to rescue Island Nursing Home
Can this nursing home be saved?

Deer Isle —

Residents of the islands and Peninsula are trying to find ways to save the Island Nursing Home, even as it carries out plans to find new homes for residents, new ...

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INH, employment and housing to be discussed at community forum on Sept. 15

How COVID-19 forced INH to close