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Last sign standing

Last sign standing

All but one of 20-odd yellow signs with messages about the Island Nursing Home have been taken down. The one that remains, “Keep Nursing Care Local,” is in front of the Opera House in range of the security camera at the Fish Pier.

The signs appeared on the morning of August 2. Deer Isle resident Marcia Myers said a group of concerned citizens to which she belongs put up the signs. No one so far has claimed credit for taking down the signs.

“Taking the signs down isn’t going to shut anybody up,” Myers said in a phone interview on August 9. “I think it only reinforced this feeling that people’s concerns about the nursing home and the board are not being heard.”

Myers said she and her group are collecting signatures on a petition that asks the INH board not to sell skilled nursing bed licenses. It also asks the board to disclose its finances and to get a new board.

“We have hundreds of signatures already from the island and the peninsula,” she said. “People are very eager to sign it and very outspoken.”

Myers said the issue of reopening the nursing home is uniting residents from every part of the island.

Photo by Leslie Landrigan

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