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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, August 1, 2019
Food truck parking goes to public hearing
No parking proposed for Main St., Hagen Dock

by Faith DeAmbrose

After recent discussions with local business owners about the merits of food trucks in town and concerns about overall traffic flow in the downtown area, selectmen are turning to the parking ordinance as a way to limit such vehicles in already congested areas.

The selectmen will hold a public hearing on Monday, August 5, at 7 p.m. to hear from residents on a proposal to prohibit parking of food trucks on Main Street and Hagen Dock.

Without a specific ordinance addressing food trucks, the selectmen have few tools in their toolbox to either prohibit them, as some area restaurant owners have suggested, or even to regulate them when they come into town.

“We have had a few requests from food truck owners to come to town,” said Stonington Town Manager Kathleen Billings, who added that without an ordinance there is nothing to stop them from coming and setting up wherever they want.

With four hour parking in much of the downtown area, food trucks could theoretically pull into a space and stay for four hours, said Billings.

The town’s parking ordinance can legally be changed by the board of selectmen after a public hearing is held to discuss the proposed changes.

The hearing will take place at the town hall.