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Blue Hill
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, July 2, 2020 and The Weekly Packet, July 2, 2020
A young black man confronts protesters
Lucas Randall says to ‘dig deeper’ in Blue Hill

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by Leslie Landrigan

Lucas Randall, a young black man who grew up in Blue Hill, supports the Black Lives Matter protesters, but thinks they’re holding the protests the wrong way. And, he said, the protesters need to think harder about what they want to achieve.

“They’re blaming all law enforcement officers for one bad cop’s action,” Randall said in a phone interview. But, he said, “I like the unity and I absolutely stand by their message, which is education.”

He’s lived on the peninsula all his life, and fished for a while off Sunset in Deer Isle. He describes himself as “a parent and a young individual who’s wanted to leave a good impression on the world.”

Randall went to two recent Black Lives Matter protests in Blue Hill and spoke, one by one, to the people gathered in front of Town Hall, he said.

“I started out by questioning them,” he said. “I asked, ‘What made you choose this sign, what made you write this on the sign?’ A lot of them had blank expressions. I told them to dig deeper, to find out something you can stand behind.”

Randall asked them why they felt George Floyd was wrongly killed. “Do you even know who he was?” he said. “Did you follow him on Facebook?”

“I don’t believe someone should stand behind someone they don’t know,” Randall said. “I wanted to be sure they weren’t just holding signs to hold signs to be on the bandwagon.”

Randall said he returned to another Blue Hill protest. “A lot of them told me they were enlightened,” he said. “They didn’t realize they were just doing it to do it.” And some, he said, had done their research.

One protester added the name “Harriet Tubman” to her sign. She told Randall she admired Tubman because she wasn’t afraid to sacrifice her life, he said.