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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 25, 2020
Opinion - Our Beautiful Island shows its uglier side

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As we approach the long hot days of July, more folks are coming back to their summer homes and more tourists visiting us. Not even COVID-19 can keep them away, because Maine is that beautiful and Deer Isle/ Stonington are that special.

We may be far away from all kinds of epicenters but we are not immune to the active racism that is deep in the fiber of our country. Unfortunately, the Island has had the opportunity to show that it, too, like the rest of the U.S., has its ugly side.

First with the racist and inflammatory graffiti that has emerged over the last two weeks and then on Juneteenth the noose hanging partway down the causeway. The noose has an unmistakable commentary and history with no other explanation than that of hatred, cruelty and historic racial bias going back over 200 years that sears deep in everyone’s psyche.

It is a violent and deeply disturbing action taking the lack of civil dialogue to a whole other level of hate. Choosing to vandalize people’s signs is NOT freedom of speech. A noose is not a neutral image. Our democracy depends on civil discourse, peaceful interaction and voting. Please register to vote, please help those who have not and vote

Carole Ann Fer
Deer Isle