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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, March 26, 2021
Two years without America’s favorite pastime

by Jack Scott

No spring softball or baseball? What? That was not what I wanted to hear as the weather starts to warm up for outside sports. I can say that players and fans are extremely disappointed as well. Unfortunately, that’s two years without softball or baseball. Because we cancelled the season as early as we did, we will not be penalized by the Maine Principals Association for not fielding a team. However, the tennis team will compete as usual this season.

The main reason for us cancelling the season is not enough players to fill the roster. The minimum for a ball team is nine. Although we had hoped to have enough players to do this, it just wasn’t so. With large senior classes this year, this does not bode well for the future.

So, the only way anyone can play a team sport when the season is cancelled for our school, is for us to form a cooperative team with another school. This is done typically between two small schools, neither of which can field their own team.

In this case, it is more complicated than it sounds. For two schools to agree to a cooperative arrangement, both superintendents and school boards need to approve the agreement, as well as the MPA. It also can change the classification of the school for that sport as both enrollments and percentage of players from each school are put together. The problem is that it benefits our players much more than the other schools around, and there is some concern about expanding the COVID-19 pods.

There wasn’t any interest with the baseball players to do this. The girls who were interested were only willing to go as far as Blue Hill, but George Stevens wasn’t interested. The only player that would go beyond Blue Hill to play was Kaylee Morey. Because softball is a team sport, she cannot just join a team without the cooperative agreement. She is headed to St. Michael’s College in Vermont on a partial scholarship to play softball next year and is very determined to play somewhere this spring. Unfortunately, it’s a long shot.

Luna Perry St. Peter will be competing with the GSA track team as an individual. She will wear a Mariner uniform and compete for our high school. She can do this because track is considered to be an individual sport where the results are compiled to the school. Brendan Penfold did this with GSA in cross country and track a few years ago.