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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, November 11, 2021 and The Weekly Packet, November 11, 2021
INH task force to hold community meeting
Zoom event set for November 15

by Leslie Landrigan

The Island Nursing Home task force plans to hold a community meeting on Zoom on Monday, November 15, at 5:45 p.m. Task force members will discuss their efforts to find a viable way to reopen the nursing home, according to Rep. Genevieve McDonald, task force vice chair. The community is invited to provide feedback, McDonald said. The link for the meeting is

In addition, the task force plans to hold a joint meeting with the INH board to gather input and draft the final version of its recommendations, McDonald said.

“We are shooting to complete our work and be done in the middle of December,” she said in a phone interview.

The nursing home’s suspended license expires in October 2022, though showing a good-faith effort to reopen might buy the INH board four more months, according to McDonald.

Judy Williams, INH board vice president, has resigned from the task force, McDonald said.

At the nursing home

Though the nursing home has no residents, there is still plenty of work to be done, according to Sam Harrington, the INH task force chair. That includes canceling contracts with vendors, preparing medical records for storage, winterizing the building, auditing accounts and managing accounts receivable, he said in an email.

Heidi Gillen, acting administrator, is in charge of the skeleton crew still at the facility, Harrington said. She is working to get her license as a nursing home administrator, Harrington said.