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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, November 24, 2021
Basketball players to wear masks
Policy on seating capacity to be determined

by Leslie Landrigan

The Community School District board on November 18 voted to require basketball players to wear masks while they are playing and off the court, according to Interim Superintendent Bob England.

“This is pretty consistent with other schools in the area,” England said in an email.

The vote was unanimous, according to school board member Bill Shepard in an email.

England said spectators will have to wear masks at all times, and concessions will be allowed with prepackaged items. The food can be homemade, but there can be no cooking, preparing or serving at the site, he said.

Finally, locker rooms will be used.

A number of decisions still have to be made, but a committee is working on them, England said. They include how many spectators to allow. The key is to be able to contact trace and social distance, he said.

The Maine Principals’ Association, on November 18, announced it was leaving a number of decisions to local school districts, such as masking during competition, capacity limits, concessions and pool testing.

The MPA did say that teams playing in venues outside of their school must follow the restrictions in place at the venue.