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In our mission as your community information service to help readers stay abreast of the issues regarding wind energy in our area, we have created a special archive of stories, letters to the editor and guest columns. It will be updated regularly as we publish more on this topic.



  1. Hearing set for Brooklin cell tower and wind turbine ordinances
    The Weekly Packet, 3/17/11
  2. Tower moratorium ordinances presented at Brooklin hearing
    The Weekly Packet, 10/14/10
  3. Brooklin to hold Saturday hearing on cell tower and wind turbine moratorium ordinances
    The Weekly Packet, 10/7/10


  1. Brooksville voters approve wind turbine ordinance
    The Weekly Packet, 11/10/11
  2. Brooksville voters to weigh in on wind power ordinance
    The Weekly Packet, 10/27/11
  3. Wind energy systems ordinance to come before Brooksville voters
    The Weekly Packet, 10/6/11
  4. Brooksville voters approve harbormaster boat, consider wind power ordinance
    The Weekly Packet, 9/23/11
  5. Brooksville enacts wind power moratorium, energy conservation ordinances
    The Weekly Packet, 2/3/11
  6. With heavy turnout, Brooksville enacts cell tower moratorium at special town meeting
    The Weekly Packet, 10/7/10


  1. Early phase of wind energy goal lands—and to stay longer—in Castine
    Community News, 7/22/13
  2. Meeting to update Castine's wind turbine project
    Castine Patriot, 6/27/13
  3. Maine Maritime Academy gives wind project update
    Castine Patriot, 2/7/13
  4. Project proposes small-scale wind turbine off Dyce Head
    Castine Patriot, 1/24/13
  5. Consultant has short window to prove Castine needs her services
    Castine Patriot, 4/12/12

Deer Isle

  1. Deer Isle enacts wind power ordinance
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/23/11
  2. Deer Isle wind power hearing draws one resident
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/25/11
  3. Deer Isle Planning Board approves permits, hears comment on wind turbines
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/8/11
  4. Deer Isle to consider wind power moratorium
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/28/10


  1. Planning board presents Penobscot wind power ordinance
    Castine Patriot, 12/16/10


  1. Sedgwick voters to consider two ordinances in 78-article warrant at town meeting
    The Weekly Packet, 2/24/11
  2. Wind ordinance committee report aired before vote
    The Weekly Packet, 2/24/11
  3. Sedgwick enacts wind turbine moratorium
    The Weekly Packet, 11/4/10

The Peninsula

  1. Support for moratorium expressed during wind power discussion
    The Weekly Packet, 10/21/10
  2. Christy Hill residents protest Peninsula Power plans
    The Weekly Packet, 8/19/10
  3. Peninsula Power's survey shows support for wind power feasibility study
    The Weekly Packet, 8/5/10
  4. Christy Hill in Sedgwick is new wind power test site
    The Weekly Packet, 6/10/10
  5. Peninsula Power does its 'homework' on wind turbines
    The Weekly Packet, 5/6/10
  6. Peninsula Power considers smaller turbines
    The Weekly Packet, 2/4/10
  7. Capitalizing on imagination: Peninsula Power explores what might be
    The Weekly Packet, 2/4/10
  8. King advocates for multiple renewable energy options
    The Weekly Packet, 12/17/09
  9. Map explanation: Proposed and existing sites noted
    The Weekly Packet, 12/3/09
  10. Peninsula Power gets test tower grant
    The Weekly Packet, 12/3/09
  11. Wind power, energy conservation, addressed from several directions
    The Weekly Packet, 11/19/09
  12. Wind power group proposes Caterpillar Hill for test site
    The Weekly Packet, 10/29/09
  13. Power group members hear new ideas at wind energy conference
    The Weekly Packet, 10/15/09
  14. Peninsula Power group visits Vinalhaven wind farm
    The Weekly Packet, 9/24/09


The Peninsula

  1. Peninsula Power rethinks scope of area wind power
    The Weekly Packet, 1/7/10
  2. Peninsula Power: Defining the goals, dispelling the rumors
    The Weekly Packet, 10/7/10
  3. Peninsula Power: Defining the goals, dispelling the rumors
    The Weekly Packet, 9/30/10
  4. Balancing energy and environment
    The Weekly Packet, 9/2/10
  5. Wind power ordinance needed
    The Weekly Packet, 8/19/10
  6. Wind turbines ahead? Proceed with caution!
    The Weekly Packet, 8/12/10
  7. Wind turbine debate
    The Weekly Packet, 3/15/10

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