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Lobster industry strife and local impact archive

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Lobster industry strife and local impact

n our mission as your community information service to help readers stay abreast of the issues regarding the lobster industry, we have created this special archive. It will be updated regularly as we publish more on this topic.

A mild winter, an early molt, a banner spring season in Canada and a soft market all combined to create painfully low boat prices for lobster along the coast of Maine in June and July, 2012. In early August, protests against US lobster imports began by Canadian fishermen, leading to blockades of trucks carrying the US lobster into the country.


  1. Maine lobster on threshold of sustainability certification
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/6/12
  2. Lobster Advisory Council approves marketing plan
    Island Ad-Vantages, 8/23/12
  3. Study considers options for lobster licenses
    Island Ad-Vantages, 8/23/12
  4. Lobster industry faces continued uncertainty
    Island Ad-Vantages, 8/16/12
  5. Lobster Advisory Council considers "structural changes" to industry
    Island Ad-Vantages, 8/9/12
  6. Canadian fishermen protest U.S. lobster imports
    Island Ad-Vantages, 8/9/12
  7. August named "Maine Lobster Month"
    Compass, 8/2/12
  8. Lobster prices up a bit, fishermen back to work
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/19/12
  9. Stonington lobster handling and marketing project enters phase two
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/19/12
  10. Lobster prices still depressed
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/12/12
  11. Lobster prices hit 2008 lows as shedders glut the marketplace
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/5/12
  12. Project Maine Lobster: Fishermen discuss promoting Maine lobster
    Compass, 6/28/12
  13. Will more investment in lobster marketing help bring a better boat price?
    Compass, 6/14/12
  14. Stonington top lobster port for fourth consecutive year: $46,343,219
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/1/12

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