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To fulfill part of our role as the information glue that helps hold this Island community together, Island Ad-Vantages welcomes Letters and Another View columns for our Forum pages. There are many in this issue. We welcome more in the future. We urge reason and positivity in all communications. We will not publish accusatory or defamatory material.

After publication, these materials, along with our editorials and news coverage, will be stored on the Island Ad-Vantages website in a special Community Healing Content archive. Go to

Your community newspaper, as a neutral forum, is here to do its part in the healing process.



  1. BLM supporters stand up, again, in Blue Hill
    The Weekly Packet, 7/2/20
  2. Opinion - Some facts about race, part 1
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/2/20
  3. Opinion - Preserve our community values
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/2/20
  4. Opinion - ‘Enough attention already’
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/2/20
  5. An island timeout for Black Lives Matter actions
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/2/20
  6. Sedgwick selectmen condemn racism, address Island incidents
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/2/20
  7. A young black man confronts protesters
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/2/20
  8. Editorial - Our common humanity
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/25/20
  9. Opinion - Our Beautiful Island shows its uglier side
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/25/20
  10. Opinion - Time to address toxicity of hate crime
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/25/20
  11. Opinion - Several incidents have ‘crossed the line’
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/25/20
  12. Opinion - Cowardice? You be the judge
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/25/20
  13. Opinion - What’s the difference?
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/25/20
  14. Towns to protesters: Calm down and talk to each other
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/25/20
  15. Peaceful BLM march draws over 100 in Castine
    Castine Patriot, 6/11/20
  16. Demonstrators raise their voices for change
    The Weekly Packet, 6/11/20
  17. Black Lives Matter protest draws 100+ in Deer Isle
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/11/20

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